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Former Punjab Assembly Member Fatally Shot in Rawalpindi Attack

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EX MPA shot

Former Punjab Assembly member Chaudhry Adnan, who recently faced defeat in the PP-19 Rawalpindi elections, was fatally shot in Rawalpindi on Monday.

Reportedly, Chaudhry Adnan’s vehicle came under gunfire near the Police Lines office in Rawalpindi Cantonment. Unidentified assailants on motorcycles opened fire as his car stopped at a traffic signal. The fatal shot struck Chaudhry Adnan’s face, leading to his demise. Additionally, his driver, Zaid Hafeez, sustained injuries in the attack, as confirmed by the police.

Chaudhry Adnan’s body was transferred to DHQ Hospital for a post-mortem examination, while his injured driver was admitted for medical treatment, but later succumbed to his injuries. A spokesperson for Rawalpindi police stated that CPO Syed Khalid Hamdani promptly responded to the incident and directed SP Pothohar to apprehend the culprits.

Senior police officials initiated investigations at the crime scene to gather evidence and arrest the perpetrators. Although initial findings suggest personal enmity as a motive, the case is under thorough examination from all perspectives. Chaudhry Adnan, previously representing Rawalpindi’s PP-11 constituency under the PTI ticket in 2018, later severed ties with the party and ran independently in the recent general elections.

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