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SECP Records Registration of 2,095 New Companies in December 2023

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In December 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) recorded the registration of 2,095 new companies, contributing to a cumulative total of 209,604 companies in the country.

Please note that the total capitalization for these recently incorporated companies amounts to Rs. 2.6 billion.

Of the overall business entities in Pakistan, 57% are private limited companies, while 41% operate as single-member companies. The remaining 2% represent public unlisted companies, not-for-profit associations, limited liability partnerships, and foreign companies. Notably, three foreign companies have initiated operations in Pakistan, with 99 foreign applicants utilizing the eServices platform for registration.

Various sectors witnessed active participation in the incorporation process. The trading sector led with 288 new companies, followed closely by information technology with 286, services with 238, real estate development and construction with 220, education with 107, tourism with 98, food and beverages with 80, eCommerce with 66, marketing and advertisement with 51, power generation with 47, textile with 44, corporate agricultural farming with 43, mining and quarrying with 41, healthcare with 40, chemical with 39, transport with 38, pharmaceutical with 37, engineering with 35, fuel and energy with 34, cosmetics and toiletries with 32, lodging with 24, communication with 19, paper and board with 14, broadcasting and telecasting with 13, and cables and electrical goods with 10. Additionally, 151 companies were registered in other sectors.

The integration of SECP with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and provincial departments facilitated the registration of 2,036 companies for NTN registration, 56 with EOBI, 27 with PESSI/SESSI, and 31 with excise and taxation departments.

Foreign investment played a notable role, with 62 companies attracting investors from various countries, including Afghanistan, Australia, China, Denmark, El Salvador, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Mozambique, Nigeria, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, UK, and the US. The majority of the investment originated from China, followed by Afghanistan, the US, Nigeria, Denmark, Germany, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

This surge in business registrations reflects a dynamic economic landscape and showcases Pakistan’s appeal to both domestic and foreign investors.

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