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Unlocking European Citizenship: Insights from a Recent Study on Nationality Acquisition

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A recent study conducted by the Canadian immigration agency CanadaCIS has shed light on the ease of obtaining nationality in various European countries. Sweden leads the list as the most accessible country for non-EU residents, boasting an impressive citizenship acceptance rate of 9.3 percent, with higher rates for women (10.02 percent) compared to men (8.66 percent). The Netherlands, Portugal, and Iceland also feature prominently in the top four, with acquisition rates exceeding one in 25.

Portugal stands out, securing the fourth spot among 32 European countries analyzed, where 6.6 percent of third-country residents become citizens. Estonia, on the other hand, presents significant challenges, with only around 0.6 percent acquiring citizenship, making it the most difficult country in this regard. Men face a slightly tougher acceptance rate in Estonia compared to women.

Countries like Latvia, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania pose hurdles for citizenship acquisition, with less than one percent success among third-country residents. Austria, Liechtenstein, and Slovakia rank as the fifth, sixth, and seventh most challenging countries. Slovenia and Germany grant citizenship to less than two percent of third-country residents.

Denmark emerges as the most stringent country, with a two percent acquisition rate, solidifying its position as the most challenging for obtaining citizenship. The study provides valuable insights into the varying levels of ease or difficulty in acquiring nationality across European nations, offering essential information for individuals considering these countries for residency or citizenship

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