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Record-Breaking Moments: Cricket World Cup 2023 Garners Over 1 Trillion Viewing Minutes

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Cricket World Cup 2023 hosted by India has left an indelible mark on the history of ICC events, achieving unprecedented success with over 1 trillion total viewing minutes across broadcast and digital platforms. This edition showcased thrilling matches and groundbreaking technological innovations, including the introduction of a vertical video feed.

The tournament experienced a substantial surge in viewership, marking a 38% increase from the 2011 edition and a 17% rise from the 2019 World Cup in the United Kingdom. The highly anticipated final between India and Australia emerged as the most-watched ICC match ever, accumulating a staggering 87.6 billion live viewing minutes globally. This remarkable achievement represented a 46% increase from the last time India hosted the final in 2011.

India’s pivotal role as the host country significantly contributed to the success of the event. The Disney Star Network alone recorded an impressive 422 billion viewing minutes, marking a substantial 54% increase from 2011 and a 9% increase from 2019.

The growth in female viewership further enriched the overall engagement, rising from 32% in 2011 to 34% in the current year. The enthusiasm surrounding India’s hosting of the tournament resonated globally.

Beyond India, notable growth in viewership was observed in the United Kingdom and Australia. The UK witnessed over 5.86 billion minutes of live viewing from 800 hours of coverage, while Australia experienced a remarkable 92% growth from 2011, with 3.79 billion minutes viewed from 602 hours of live coverage.

Pakistan also contributed significantly to the viewership, with a massive 237.12 billion minutes viewed.

Disney Hotstar’s decision to provide free coverage in India played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of the World Cup. The final match, offered for free, garnered the highest viewership ever for a cricket match.

Top Matches by Viewership:

  1. India vs. Australia (Final): 59 Million
  2. India vs. New Zealand (Semi-Final): 53 Million
  3. India vs. South Africa: 44 Million
  4. India vs. New Zealand (Group Match): 43 Million
  5. India vs. Pakistan: 35 Million

The tournament also set new digital records with a staggering 16.9 billion video views, solidifying its status as the most engaged ICC event online. Social media platforms buzzed with memorable moments, including a video of Glenn Maxwell’s comeback against Afghanistan amassing 50 million views. Virat Kohli, a star Indian batter, garnered significant attention with videos of his interactions with cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and his notable achievements, receiving 40 million and 78 million views on Instagram, respectively.

In essence, the 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup not only redefined cricketing excellence but also became a global entertainment spectacle, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future editions.

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