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UAE Introduces ‘Visa For Life’ at AED 16500 Annually

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The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unveiled the “Visa for Life” program, offering an annual subscription at AED16,500, as revealed by the emirate’s free-zone authority, RAKEZ.

For the AED16,500 annual fee, the visa provides a range of benefits, including a UAE residence visa, third-party visa processing, medical tests, an Emirates ID card, pre-approval for a business license, and access to a shared workstation.

This permanent residency visa presents an attractive opportunity for individuals planning to relocate with their families, enabling visa holders to easily sponsor their loved ones for a move to the UAE.

It’s essential to highlight that the AED16,500 company set-up package encompasses all associated fees, eliminating any additional costs. Interested individuals can directly submit their requests through the RAKEZ website.

While RAKEZ has disclosed the cost and advantages of the visa, the duration of this opportunity has not been specified.

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