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Google’s Year in Search Reveals Pakistan’s Trending Topics for 2023

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As 2023 draws to a close, Google’s Year in Search provides a captivating overview of the trends that captured Pakistan’s attention throughout the year. The top searches in Pakistan for 2023 reflect a diverse range of interests, showcasing the nation’s dynamic cultural and social landscape. From technology and entertainment to culinary explorations and practical knowledge, the searches mirror the unique tastes and preferences of Pakistanis.

In the realm of technology, Google’s Year in Search unveiled a significant interest in various tech-based topics. ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence model, garnered substantial attention, showcasing a growing curiosity about AI and its capabilities. Streaming services, such as Tamasha Live and ARY ZAP, also captured user interest, signaling a shift towards new media consumption. Additionally, the Infinix Note and iPhone 15 dominated searches in the smartphone category, reflecting ongoing consumer fascination with the latest mobile technology.

The most googled personalities in Pakistan for 2023 presented a diverse mix that resonated with the public. Hareem Shah, a TikTok sensation, claimed the top spot, followed by Aliza Sehar, a Pakistani village vlogger and TikToker. The entertainment industry was represented by Bollywood’s Tiger Shroff, while cricket enthusiasts searched for Abdullah Shafique and Usman Khan.

The film scene in Pakistan saw a dynamic array of searches, reflecting the evolving tastes of audiences. Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed film “Oppenheimer” secured the top spot, followed by popular movies “Jawan” and “Pathan,” starring Shahrukh Khan. The feminist-themed film “Barbie” also made its mark in the top five.

Google’s Year in Search for the “How to” category provided insights into the challenges faced by Pakistanis. Creating a WhatsApp channel emerged as the top query, indicating a keen interest in exploring new features of messaging apps. Other common queries included applying for a Canada visa, extending the lifespan of flowers, removing mehndi, and recovering a Gmail account, reflecting a blend of creative, household, and digital security concerns.

In the realm of events and occasions, cricket dominated the searches, with the Pakistan Super League and the Cricket World Cup leading the list. The searches highlighted the nation’s profound love for the sport, with the Asia Cup 2023, the Indian Premier League (IPL), and the Ashes series also making significant appearances.

The most searched news in Pakistan covered both global and local events. The war in Gaza captured significant interest, showcasing awareness of global geopolitical issues. On the domestic front, the Ehsaas Program drew attention, reflecting public interest in social and economic developments. Celebrity news featuring Aliza Sehar, Akshay Kumar, and Kajol also resonated with the audience.

In summary, Google’s Year in Search for Pakistan in 2023 paints a vibrant picture of the nation’s interests, ranging from technology and entertainment to cricket and current affairs. The diverse searches reflect the multifaceted nature of Pakistan’s cultural and societal landscape.

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