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China-Pakistan Collaboration Takes Lunar Exploration to New Heights with Chang’e-6 Mission

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Chang'e-6 Mission

China is gearing up for its next ambitious lunar mission, Chang’e-6, set to take place in 2024. What makes this mission even more fascinating is its collaboration with Pakistan, marking a significant milestone in international space cooperation.

Chang’e-6 is currently in its research and development phase and is poised to become China’s next lunar mission. What sets this mission apart is that all previous lunar sampling missions have been conducted on the near side of the Moon. Chang’e-6, however, aims to boldly go where no mission has gone before.

The far side of the Moon is home to the Aitken Basin, one of the three major lunar landforms and a geological treasure trove. This region holds immense scientific importance, offering valuable insights into the Moon’s formation and evolution. 

Chang’e-6 is designed to land in the South Pole-Aitken Basin on the far side and collect samples from various regions and geological ages, unraveling the Moon’s hidden secrets.

But Chang’e-6 is not merely a solo endeavor. In a concerted effort to foster international cooperation in the realm of space exploration, this mission will carry payloads and satellite projects from different countries and regions.

Among the esteemed collaborators are France, the European Space Agency, Italy, and Pakistan. This collaborative spirit underscores the global interest in unraveling the mysteries of the lunar far side.

Notably, China and Pakistan have been strengthening their space partnership in recent years. Prior to the Chang’e-6 collaboration, Pakistan had joined hands with China in sending seeds to the Chinese space station for research purposes, demonstrating the burgeoning scientific relationship between the two nations. 

In a bid to ensure seamless communication between the far side of the Moon and Earth during the Chang’e-6 mission, China is preparing to launch its newly developed relay satellite, Queqiao-2, also known as Magpie Bridge-2, in the first half of 2024. 

Queqiao-2 satellite plays a pivotal role in facilitating data transmission and communication, enabling scientists and researchers to stay connected with the mission and gather crucial data.

As China and Pakistan join hands in this monumental lunar exploration endeavor, the world watches with bated breath, eager to witness the groundbreaking discoveries and scientific advancements that this collaboration promises. With Chang’e-6 poised to unveil the secrets of the lunar far side and strengthen international bonds in space exploration, humanity’s quest for knowledge knows no bounds.

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