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Unconventional Marijuana Cultivation in Karachi Raises Concerns

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In a surprising turn of events, a man named Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan, who lives in Khayaban-e-Badar, Karachi, has been taken into custody for growing marijuana in a unique way. He cultivated marijuana indoors within a rented property in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA). 

This unusual case came to light when excise officials found both marijuana and alcohol in Sarfaraz’s vehicle during a routine checkpoint inspection.

Upon closer investigation, it was discovered that Sarfaraz had set up an advanced system for growing marijuana plants indoors. He created special boxes that controlled the temperature and humidity, similar to those used by food delivery services. 

To ensure the plants received enough oxygen, he used oxygen cylinders and concentrators. For proper lighting, LED lights were installed. The cannabis plants were grown in clay pots inside these boxes.

Sarfaraz used imported seeds, special fertilizers, and foreign soil to grow the cannabis plants, resulting in the production of the hallucinogenic drug, marijuana. During a subsequent raid, law enforcement officials seized 35 cannabis plants, the box-like enclosures, foreign fertilizers and soil, imported seeds, temperature monitoring devices, a spray machine, and a digital fork.

Atifur Rehman, the Secretary of the Excise and Taxation Department, expressed concerns about the possibility of similar marijuana cultivation operations elsewhere in the city. He stressed the need for vigilant monitoring, especially in educational institutions where new drugs may be circulating. 

He also mentioned the department’s limited resources but highlighted recent successes in drug-related cases, including significant seizures of heroin, bhang, hashish, foreign liquor, vehicles, and motorcycles over the past month.

Sarfaraz has been brought before a magistrate and is currently in a seven-day physical remand for further questioning. This case highlights the changing methods used in illegal drug cultivation and emphasizes the importance of law enforcement efforts to combat such activities.

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