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Private Company Guard in Karachi Ran Off with Rs. 63 Million

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Zohaib Hussain, a driver for a private company, committed a daring theft in Korangi and ran off with more than Rs. 63 million while on a normal cash-collecting operation. The heist shocked both the business and the local authorities, sparking a worldwide search for the bold burglar.

Zohaib Hussain’s well-thought-out theft started during what seemed like a regular cash collection trip. What made it even more surprising was that Zohaib had just been brought back to work by the company after being away for three months, catching everyone by surprise.

CCTV footage later revealed the startling details of the heist. Another vehicle was seen tailing the cash van as it moved through the bustling streets of Korangi. The suspense reached its peak when, in KIA’s Sector 16, the thieves executed a seamless transfer of the stolen money into the waiting car. With the loot secure, they made a daring escape, leaving the security guards accompanying the driver in a state of shock and disbelief.

To further cover his tracks, Zohaib Hussain carefully abandoned the cash van in Awami Colony, creating a diversion for investigators. This strategic move not only confused the authorities but also allowed the thieves valuable time to escape. However, the police were quick to respond and have since launched a full-scale investigation.

Law enforcement agencies are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to bring Zohaib Hussain and any potential accomplices to justice. They are gathering crucial evidence from the abandoned van, including fingerprints, which could provide leads in tracking down the culprits responsible for this daring theft.

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