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Pakistan Army and Sindh Rangers Unite Against Criminals in Sindh

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Chief Minister of Sindh, Maqbool Baqar, has given his approval for a coordinated operation to combat the menace of dacoits. This operation will involve both the Pakistan Army and the Sindh Rangers working together, with its primary focus on the Katcha area of Sindh.

The decision to initiate this operation was reached during a pivotal meeting held in Karachi, where top officials and authorities gathered to address the growing concerns surrounding criminal activities, especially in the Sukkur and Larkana districts.

The choice of the Katcha area for the operation holds strategic significance. The Katcha region is known for its intricate network of river-filled land, dense forests, and challenging terrain, making it a longstanding safe haven for dacoits and other criminals.

The involvement of the Pakistan Army and Sindh Rangers underscores the gravity of the situation and the government’s commitment to effectively combat crime.

This joint operation signifies a renewed determination to restore peace and security in Sindh. It reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to protect the lives and property of its citizens and create an environment conducive to economic growth and development. It sends a clear message to criminal groups that their illegal activities will not be tolerated, and the full force of the state will be mobilized to bring them to justice.

The approval of a joint operation against dacoits in the Katcha area of Sindh represents a significant step toward reestablishing law and order in the region. With the Pakistan Army and Sindh Rangers collaborating, the government is poised to tackle the issue with the utmost seriousness and determination.”

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