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Karachi Toll Plaza Worker Shot by Influential Man

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Karachi Toll Plaza

An influential man opened fire at Karachi Toll Plaza after a toll booth employee tried to stop him from going the wrong way. On Saturday, the man’s car was stopped at Lucky Toll Plaza for driving against the flow of traffic.

The employee boldly performed his duty by blocking the car from going on the wrong path. 

As seen in the CCTV,

The violent man took a revolver from his car and fired at the toll booth employee, displaying a startling disregard for human life.

Despite the efforts of another toll plaza employee to intervene and calm the scene, the efforts were futile. Following the incident, the man departed the scene, leaving behind one injured employee.

SSP Kemari Mr. Arif Aslam Rao confirmed that a complaint has been lodged against the criminal. Furthermore, Abrar, a 25-year-old toll booth employee who was hurt in the incident, is now safe.

Initial investigation shows that the vehicle involved is registered to a man named Arsalan Baloch. Authorities are still investigating the facts behind this act of violence in order to bring those guilty to justice.

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