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Wapda Faces Serious Criticism for Issuing High Electricity Bills to Mosques

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The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) is under intense criticism due to the imposition of power taxes on mosques across the country. The high electricity bills have ignited heated debates and raised questions among religious authorities.

At first glance, this issue may appear to be a routine bureaucratic matter. However, delve deeper, and you will discover the tremendous consequences it holds for the sacred institutions that provide comfort and solidarity to communities and Namzis.

The sudden surge in electrical bills for mosques has left religious leaders in a predicament. These places of worship are spiritual havens, but their energy costs now come with an unexpected burden: a mix of taxes that seem unrelated to the spiritual quest that unfolds within their walls.

The gravity of the situation became evident when Imams found themselves making an unusual plea during their sermons – a plea for ‘Chanda’ donations from  worshippers. These monetary contributions were intended to address the rising cost of electricity, not for extravagant decorations or lavish festivities.

As electricity prices continued to rise, mosque Imams resorted to an emotional appeal, broadcasted over the mosques’ loudspeakers, seeking support from the community. This heartfelt appeal aimed to bridge the gap created by soaring electricity costs, particularly during the scorching months of May to August.

With mosques overflowing with worshippers during prayer hours, especially on Fridays, the constant operation of air conditioning equipment was unavoidable, placing a significant strain on their budgets.

The debate regarding WAPDA’s billing of mosques serves as a reminder of the necessity for a thorough reevaluation of regulations affecting places of worship and the essential services they offer.

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