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Bol Network is now owned by AsiaPak Investments.

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AsiaPak Investments bought Bol Network, one of the top media companies in Pakistan. A new era for Pakistani media operations is promised as a result of this acquisition, which represents a strategic shift for both Bol Network and AsiaPak Investments.

The Bol Network will continue to run from its headquarters in Karachi. This highlights AsiaPak Investments’ persistent dedication to investing only in Pakistan, and it perfectly complements the company’s wide portfolio, which includes investments in the infrastructure, energy, electricity, transport, logistics, and technology sectors.

Mr. Sameer Chishty, an experienced international technology investor famous for his outstanding track record in the dynamic markets of Asia and the Middle East, is in charge of this new endeavor. The hiring of Mr. Chishty as Bol Network’s Chairman and CEO says a lot about the ambitious vision Bol Network and AsiaPak Investments have for the future of Pakistani media.

AsiaPak Investments’ entry into the media industry reflects its understanding of the critical role that media plays in molding public opinion and effecting societal change. The investment company is positioning itself to have a significant impact on the media landscape while diversifying its portfolio by purchasing Bol Network.

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