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Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Put on Hold Again

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Ring Road

Rawalpindi Ring Road project has long been a source of controversy and dispute in the realms of infrastructure development. The latest stumbling block is the disappearance of vital land records in Tehsil Gujar Khan, adding a confusing twist to the project’s already turbulent voyage.

Supporters argue that the project will lead to economic development and increased connectivity, while critics are concerned about the project’s environmental impact and the displacement of populations.

The disappearance of land records in Tehsil Gujar Khan has thrown the project into turmoil. These land records are an important part of the land acquisition process since they provide the legal framework for acquiring properties needed for Ring Road construction. The lack of these data has effectively put a halt to the land acquisition process.

According to a top district administration official, the loss of land documents for a village near Gujar Khan, which is close to Tehsil Rawalpindi, has left authorities puzzled. 

The consequences are profound since they not only delay Ring Road’s work but also raise concerns about the security and integrity of land records in the region.

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