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Karachi Customs Intercepts Rs. 34.5 Million Diesel Smuggling

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Karachi Customs has dealt a significant blow to the illegal diesel trade by intercepting a smuggling operation valued at a staggering Rs. 34.5 million. This operation was carried out by the diligent patrol team of the anti-smuggling mobile squad, resulting in the detention of five oil tankers from Balochistan near Band Murad.

Karachi Customs confiscated 111,286 liters of unauthorized Iranian diesel, which had a market value of Rs. 34.5 million. This diesel was intended for the black market, evading legal channels and the requisite duties and taxes.

In addition to seizing the contraband diesel, Karachi Customs also impounded the five oil tankers involved in the smuggling operation, estimated to be worth Rs. 28 million. This action serves as a clear message that authorities are resolute in disrupting and dismantling such illicit operations.

The interception of this Rs. 34.5 million diesel smuggling operation by Karachi Customs stands as a testament to the dedication and efficiency of the customs officials. It also serves as a stark warning to those engaged in smuggling activities that their illegal pursuits will not go unchecked.

Karachi Customs continues to perform an important role in preserving the nation’s interests and upholding the integrity of its customs regulations, with constant vigilance and commitment. Efforts to capture the whole smuggling network are ongoing, ensuring that justice is served and smuggling activities are halted, protecting Pakistan’s economic and security interests.

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