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Pakistan Goods Transporters Association Announces Nationwide Strike

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The Pakistan Goods Transporters Association (PGTA) has announced a statewide strike for Saturday, September 2, which is expected to have a severe impact on the country’s logistics and transportation sector. This choice was made in response to a number of growing difficulties the industry has faced lately.

Mr.Nabil Tariq, the General Secretary of the PGTA, took to the airwaves to explain the rationale behind this bold step. He highlighted several key issues that have compelled transporters across Pakistan to take a collective stand.

The rapid spike in electricity costs and the relentless rise in petrol prices are two of the PGTA’s main concerns. 

During the interview, Mr. Tariq passionately stated.

“We cannot ignore the fact that the current economic climate is making it increasingly difficult for our members to sustain their businesses. The abrupt hikes in electricity tariffs and petrol prices have brought us to a breaking point,” 

The skyrocketing costs of electricity and fuel have left transporters struggling to balance their budgets, prompting them to call for urgent relief from the government.

Another critical issue brought to the forefront by Mr. Tariq is the alleged mistreatment of goods transporters by customs officials and the imposition of unjust fines by the National Highway Authority (NHA). 

“Transporters in Pakistan are often subjected to unnecessary hassles at customs checkpoints, and we have reports of fines being levied arbitrarily by NHA officers. We urge the authorities to investigate these allegations and put an end to such practices,” Mr. Tariq implored.

This mistreatment not only affects the livelihoods of transporters but also hampers the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the logistics and transportation sector as a whole.

The PGTA’s decision to go on strike is a clear call for the government to intervene and address the pressing issues faced by the goods transporters. They are seeking immediate relief measures to mitigate the impact of rising electricity and fuel costs, as well as a comprehensive review of the alleged mistreatment and unfair fines imposed on their members.

The impending nationwide strike is expected to disrupt supply chains across the country, potentially leading to shortages and price hikes for essential goods. It remains to be seen how the government will respond to this call for action, but one thing is certain—the PGTA is determined to make their voices heard and seek a resolution to the industry’s woes.

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