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Protest All Across Pakistan As Bill Charges Increase

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Anger Spills onto the Streets:

Protests erupted across Pakistan as many people got very angry about their high electricity bills. They took to the streets in large numbers, even causing some violence. This made the power companies ask the police for help.

The Government Seeking Solutions :

P.M Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, quickly called a meeting with the power authorities to talk about what was happening. Angry protestors blocked roads and even attacked the people from the power companies in different parts of the country on both Saturday and Sunday. This meeting has not yet arrived at a consensus that everyone agrees upon.

Protest Escalate :

In some cities like Karachi, Lahore, and more, protestors set fire to old tires and blocked the roads. This all started when people got their electricity bills for July. The bills were higher due to recent price increases and extra taxes, which the International Monetary Fund wanted as part of a financial help package.

The Government’s Explanation And Mob Violence :

The government explained that the cost of electricity was going up because the local money was worth less, and the prices of things like petrol were rising too. The prices rising so much has made it hard for many of the country’s 240 million people to afford things, as the value of their money goes down.

Pakistan faced a big problem of almost running out of money before the International Monetary Fund stepped in. They agreed to give $3 billion to help Pakistan’s economy.

There was a video shown on TV that had old people hitting a person from the power company during a protest in Karachi. In some places in the northwest part of the country, crowds even attacked power stations, making the power authorities ask for protection.

Many people were so angry about their bills that they burned them and decided not to pay until the prices went back down. The protestors also didn’t like all the different taxes they had to pay, like FPA, PTV license tax, electricity duty, financing cost surcharge, GST, and a new tax called Further Tax.

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