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Lahore Smart City NOC updates 2022

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The Lahore Smart City is constructed in accordance with international standards and incorporated with all the smart city appliances and equipment. This community is set to become a notion of eco-friendly and sustainable development so that it will offer all municipal amenities while ensuring that everyone lives in an amazing environment that is sustainable yet luxurious.

The Smart City Lahore is said to be constructed on roughly 16000 Kanal of land. This exclusive housing venture is situated close to Lahore Bypass near Lahore Interchange which also offers easy access to Grant Trunk road plus the Lahore-Sialkot motorway. Moreover, the development is taking place under the close supervision of the developers and the collaborators, which have a well-reputed name in the real estate market. These collaborators are known for their professionalism and expert services;

  • Future Developments Holding Private Limited (FDHL)
  • Habib Rafique private Limited (HRL)
  • Surbana Jurong (SJ)

Lahore Smart City NOC update 2022

A no objection certificate is a document that holds an important position and which is required in resolving any disputes or legal issues that can develop in the future. The NOC approval from the concerned authorities, without any doubt, increases the worth of any asset and opens the window of opportunities.

Lahore Smart City NOC has been legally approved by the concerned authorities. Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has granted a no-objection certificate to this amazing housing venture. The major concern of the investors is whether a housing society is worth investing in or not, which is confirmed if the society is claimed as a legal community by the authorities. Once the society is approved, there are increased chances that the society develops at a faster pace and accomplishes new adventures.

Lahore Development Authority or LDA-approved societies are the ones that have obtained legal status from the city’s concerned authorities as the society has met all the basic and standard utilities, such as electricity, water reservoirs, and proper sewerage system, and gas connection. For the development to continue and society to grow, legal approval is a must. Lahore Smart City NOC approval has opened a window of opportunities as it attracts more investors and allows them to invest without a second thought or any doubt.

When a society obtains a legal status from any authority, the development work starts at a higher pace without any further delay. This also allows the society to install different features that the residents can enjoy without having any fear. With the legalization of society, the residents can be entertained by the following facilities and amenities;

  • Total land area for this mega project is stretched over 20,000 Kanal of land. The Executive Block is for those who desire to live a luxurious lifestyle. Investors from abroad have been granted a separate block, Overseas Block. For Pakistanis who reside overseas, it is the safest and most significant investment opportunity.


  • One of the biggest and most recognizable residential societies, Lahore Smart City promises 200 feet long Main Boulevard and wide roads.


  • Since power shortages or load shedding are regarded as serious issues that is faced throughout the country, Smart City Lahore has an underground electricity system that is supported by generators to keep the community load shedding free.


  • In order to meet the security requirements of its residents, this remarkable housing society has installed a high-tech system of CCTV surveillance working 24/7 which is deployed throughout the society.


  • A wide space has been devoted to a theme park to provide the residents with amusement and fun. It is specifically designed to entertain while also comforting the residents. With a variety of entertaining activities which includes a bird park, vacation resort, and hospitality, it is open for a popular vacation spot.

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