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Park View City is one of Islamabad’s most popular housing developments. In the exquisite location of Islamabad, it offers the perfect balance of elegance and affordability. Park View City Islamabad located in the Bahria Enclave and CDA Park Enclave regions, has created a name for itself through state-of-the-art planning and development standards as well as aesthetic elements. Park View City is a magnificent housing society in Islamabad’s Zone 4. The Margalla Hills provide splendid green scenery for the society. It also provides the ideal blend of natural atmosphere and contemporary lifestyle. The Vision Group’s Park View City is a CDA-approved gorgeous living space. This beautiful housing society is nestled amid the town’s wonderful lush green views and hills. Park View also has a 400-foot-wide main Boulevard that gives direct access from the freeway into the community, as well as access via Kurri Road. Similarly, authorities have approved this project, which provides a secure and cheap luxurious living style. Because of its stunning vistas and high-end facilities, this house project is famous among investors.

Park View City Islamabad is easily accessible from Kashmir Highway through Park Road and Jinnah Avenue (formerly Kurri Road). Along with its inherent qualities, one of the essential aspects of this housing project is its ease of access to the main downtown Islamabad. From a futuristic perspective, civilization is meticulously designed. The general public has reacted well to the recent debuts of Overseas Block, Golf Estate, and Downtown Commercial Area. The quality and speed of construction have earned the trust of investors, resulting in rising property prices.

Park View City Developers & Owners

Park View City Islamabad is owned and developed by the Vision Group. The Vision Group’s previous projects demonstrate meticulous attention to detail, cutting-edge infrastructure, and cutting-edge facilities. This is Vision Group’s first project in Islamabad. Park View City is expected to be another masterpiece in the vein of Vision Group’s previous projects. Park View City Developers & Owners are deliberately working on the provision of a luxurious lifestyle in the vicinity.

Vision Group

Vision Group was established in 2012 and has achieved incredible success in less than a decade. Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan is a co-founder of Vision Group. Within a decade, it had grown into a well-established development firm. Vision Group has established itself as the most reputable and trustworthy developing group in the region in such a short time. Vision Group aspires to build a luxurious living environment in all of the world’s major cities. The organization’s projects are both inexpensive and a glimpse into the future of housing communities. By incorporating elegant and tasteful style as well as modern functionality, Vision Groups concentrates on giving a beautiful project outlook.

Park View City Location and Map

When it comes to making effective real estate investments, location is the most important component. Because the location is such an important factor, most veterans and experienced real estate investors rank location first when looking for a home to buy. Park View City Location and Map are also featured near Zone IV Malot Road amid the lush green Bani Gala Hills. It is also located next to Park Enclave and across the street from Bahria Enclave Islamabad, about 5 minutes from the park road, 15 minutes from Serena Hotel Islamabad, and a 1-minute walk from the lush green Botanical Garden. Park View City Location is primarily positioned in Mouza, Islamabad’s Zone IV.

Park View City Islamabad is at an ideal location in Islamabad, with a beautiful and serene environment and very quick access to the highway. It’s a fantastic and golden chance for buyers and investors. All of the necessities of everyday living as well as advanced amenities are close by; nonetheless, it is a calm location. This development is a model of luxury and serenity. The most important factor in the success and high market value of this project is Park View City Location. The society’s scenic vistas helped it attracts more investors. It is conveniently located near Islamabad’s Bahria Enclave and is surrounded by the natural greenery of Bani Gala.

Nearest Landmarks

The Islamabad Botanical Gardens are a short walk away and take less than a minute to reach. Park View City Islamabad may be reached via Chak Shehzad, which is roughly 8 kilometers distant. It is 7.2 kilometers from the heart of Islamabad, and Serena Hotel is 4.8 kilometers away. Furthermore, Malot Road facilitates access to society. Park View City is free of any pollution and noise, making it an ideal residential area.

Park View City NOC

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved the Park View City NOC. Therefore, Investors and residents will not face any legal issues and will be able to purchase their dream home with ease. Everything was done properly, and the developers followed the CDA’s legal criteria throughout the construction phase. Locals, as well as international investors, will gain and feel comfortable. The residents will never have to worry about the project’s legal status. Anyone can check the complete information of Park View City NOC on the official website.

Park View City Masterplan

Park View City Islamabad is a housing development that offers stunning and lush green residential and commercial plots for sale. This CDA-approved civilization extents over 7000 Kanal. Park View City Masterplan is divided into several blocks, ranging from A to H. Various plot sizes are accessible at various, competitive, and still affordable prices. The numerous flats and plots provide an upright standard of living. Currently, the following plot sizes are available in Park View City:

  • 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal
  • 5 Marla Residential Plots are available in A, B, F, J, and K Blocks
  • 8 Marla Residential Plots are available in J Block
  • 10 Marla Residential Plots are available in A, B, F, H, and I Blocks
  • 1 Kanal Residential Plots are available in B, C, E, F, N, and M Blocks
  • 2 Kanal Residential Plots are available in D and P Blocks

The management kept modern infrastructure and sophisticated development ideas in mind. The Park View City Developers & Owners selected an outstanding position. The best planners, architects, and engineers turned an incredible concept into a stunning reality. Similarly, multiple commercial blocks with basic and superior services are conveniently located near each residential block. The Walk is committed to creating a world-class commercial district. Aside from that, the best commercial and shopping options will be available.

The goal is to live a convenient, high-end, and affluent lifestyle that contains many elements that allow you to live exactly how you want and have always dreamed of. Furthermore, educational transit, recreational, and other types of facilities have been made available to you as part of this gated community. An easy flexible Park View City Payment Plan and Installment Plan is presented, with promising future results.

Total Land Area

In the lap of the Margalla Hills, Park View City Islamabad sprawls over 5000 Kanal of stunning environment. Downtown Commercial and H Block are planned for the foothills, but the majority of the land is on the hill, which provides a lovely view of the capital city. The Vision Group is constantly purchasing more land to expand society in the future. The society is attracted to society’s norms because it is spread out over 7000 Kanal of land with many residential and commercial blocks. The CDA has granted a 200-foot wide road on Malott Road with convenient access from Kurri Road to make space for the huge project.

Park View City Overseas Block

Park View City’s freshly constructed overseas block is largely intended for Pakistanis living abroad. It provides all of the extraordinary advantages that Pakistanis enjoy when living in other countries. This building’s goal is to provide high-end amenities for luxurious living. This building caters to Pakistanis living abroad who are looking for a safe and secure place to live or invest. Park View City Overseas Block offers a wide range of plot cuttings, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Due to the international standard facilities that it provides, this block has a higher monetary value. This means that investing in any asset from this money-making block will almost likely yield a huge profit in the coming years.

Park View City Golf Estate Block

Park View City Islamabad has consistently shown to be one of the top investment options in the city. Even after that, society continues to dazzle investors with new features and concepts. Park View Islamabad has worked extensively to create a new block this time. This block was created with golf enthusiasts in mind. The major goal was to provide a residential space that included a local golf course for golf enthusiasts. Society has been able to draw the attention of investors, residents, visitors, and sports fans in this manner. Plot categories include 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

Downtown Commercial

Within the community, Park View City will establish the Downtown Commercial, a key commercial zone with a Dubai based infrastructure. Downtown will be a business district with a mix of national and international businesses. A magnificent lake in the city’s core will significantly increase the city’s appeal and value. Commercial plots in the 6 and 8 Marla range are being sold by Downtown Commercial.

The Walk

Park View City Islamabad’s most sophisticated and attractive sub-project will be The Walk. According to the administration, the Walk Commercial will serve as a port for well-known enterprises. With neon lights and beautiful architecture, the Walk’s infrastructure will be visually appealing. It will provide locals a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience.

Park View City Payment Plan and Installment Plan

The Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan is straightforward. In contrast to the lump-sum payment option, Park View City has chosen the installment system, which is divided into three steps. The first step is to book your plot and block, which needs a 10% down payment. The next step is to pay the remaining cost in monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly installments for 2 to 2.5 years, depending on the type of plot and block you choose.

Park View City Features and Amenities

Park View City Islamabad understands the necessity of providing inhabitants with both security and entertainment. The Park View City’s management team has meticulously focused on providing high-end amenities ranging from essentials to luxurious pleasures. Park View Islamabad understands the necessity of providing inhabitants with both security and enjoyment.

Gated Community

Park View City is a gated region surrounded by a boundary wall. The management has encircled areas near the forest with barricades. It is a safe location to reside in because it has secure access and exit points.


A round-the-clock security system and CCTV will be installed. All inhabitants and visitors to the society are safe due to camera surveillance and well-trained security personnel. Cameras are used to detect unusual actions, and appropriate action is taken to protect all the members.

Basic Services

Park View City Islamabad is equipped with all of the necessities, such as uninterruptible water, gas, and electricity 24/7. Underground power not only makes highways and streets safer but also makes them more appealing. Natural resources abound throughout Park View City’s geography, most notably underground water. It is only available at a depth of 50 feet, and in adequate quantities. It is proposed to build an underground huge water storage tank to keep it safe for future use.

No Load Shedding Zone

The Park View City Developers are working to make a society without load shedding. The group has constructed its dam to collect water. It also incorporates an electric power plant to ensure that electricity is available at all times.

Commercial Hub

Within the Park View City, various commercial zones are proposed for development to meet all of the people’s needs, including the establishment of brands to provide a convenient shopping experience.

The Community Center

A large choice of indoor and outdoor sports activities, as well as all necessary equipment and standards for each sport/game, are emphasized and offered for development. Gyms and athletic tracks are essential for remaining fit and healthy.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Throughout the sectors, Park View City follows a cutting-edge development infrastructure. It will become a modern landmark in the capital once completed.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Society tries to preserve a balance between nature and modernization through well-planned infrastructure. Its attraction will be enhanced by the presence of dwellings, business areas, and high-rise buildings, as well as magnificent scenery.

Botanical Garden

Park View City Islamabad is superior to all other societies in the region since it has a Botanical Garden in the middle. It will not only contribute to the project’s natural beauty but will also improve soil fertility. Park View City also aspires to cultivate garden herbs and unusual plants from all over the world. There will also be nurseries and greenhouses where wonderful tropical plants and fruits can be grown and nurtured. In addition, the project will have an organic fruit shop to promote a healthy lifestyle among the residents.

Park View City Islamabad Booking Process

The booking process in Park View Islamabad is easy and is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Meet with a Deal & Deals Asset Manager to talk about your real estate investing goals.
  • Your Deal & Deals Asset Manager will supply you with a booking form once you are finished and satisfied.
  • Fill out the form and attach a photocopy of your CNIC or NICOP, a copy of your nominee’s ID card, and two passport-sized pictures.
  • You must attach a demand draft or pay the order after completing the form. Park View Islamabad will be the beneficiary of the demand draft. Your Deal & Deals Asset Manager will walk you through the formalities of the payment order.

Free Consultation

The majority of investors want a high rate of return on their investments. Investors, on the other hand, want to know that their hard-earned money is safe. Park View City Islamabad is one of only a few housing communities in Islamabad with a valid No Objection Certificate and planning authority. This implies that investments in Park View are fully safe, and with the backing of government agencies, it is an investment that draws a wide range of domestic and international investors.

Deal & Deals is a Park View City Islamabad authorized partner who assists clients with booking, resale, and issue resolution. Deal & Deals has a specialist Asset Manager in Park View City who can assist you.

Book your plot in Park View City today, Call (+92)3331113325 for further information.

Frequentky Asked Questions

Mr. Aleem Khan is the owner of this magnificent masterpiece, and Vision Group of Companies is the developer.

Park View City is a completely legal housing development having NOC and CDA approval.

Society provides a wide range of plot categories based on your needs.

  • Residential Plots include 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1, and 2 Kanal
  • Commercial Plots include 6, 8, and 10 Marla

Park View City has set aside an entire block, called Park View City Overseas Block, to assist international inhabitants in obtaining highly profitable property in Islamabad.

Yes, Park View City Islamabad offers two to three-year installment plans.

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