Trump New Technique Of War: Economic Attacks

Trump New Technique Of War: Economic Attacks

Real state developer of USA , President Donald Trump promised the American people in his election campaign that he will again make USA the most powerful state of the world.It means that he will solve the economical problems of USA after getting presidency.On this promise the people of USA gave vote to Trump and him the president.Donald Trump choose a different way to solve the economical problems of USA.He started doing economical attacks on different countries.He, unexpectedly made economical attack the most dangerous tool of the war.This technique of war shows that the war is not only name of tanks and bombs, it is something different.Economical attacks prove more powerful against enemies in spite of bombs and tanks.It can achieve its purposes without bloodshedding.

It is very interesting that the ruling class of USA indulged his country into wars and weakened and weakened its economy.It forced America to take debt of Billion Dollars.It is sorry to say that Trump management did not get lesson from past and started new techniques of wars with different countries.The major reason of this act is that team of Trump mainly consists of ex army officers.It is possible that they will get temporary benefits from these techniques but in the long run it will prove dangerous against USA itself.USA business was going in loss with different countries i.e business between China and USA.Trump management increased the ratio of taxes on Chinese luggage to minimize this loss.Thus it gained two advantages with one arrow.On one side income of USA increased and on the other side Chinese export to USA decreased.But on the other side Chinese management did not bear this attack and it also increased the ratio of taxes on USA luggages.This answer by Chinese increased the heat of economic war between two powerful states.Both states are attacking with great care because they do not want to harm mutual business.

Trump management also increased the ratio of taxes on European luggage.European Union became furious on this step.Some of European countries replied in the same way and they also increased the ratio of taxes on USA luggage.It is to say that these economical attacks produced a thunder in international economy.It also weakened international economy and currencies of many countries decreased its value.This act can produce hate against dollar.

Trump specially attacked those states who are not ready to act upon the advice of America.Persia, Turkey and Pakistan are at the top of the list.Trump, first of all attacked the economy of Pakistan.Trump management supposes that Afghan Taliban have the support of Pakistan.That is why they(Taliban) remained successful against America since 2002.Due to this allegation, after getting presidency, Trump stopped the money of Coalition Support Fund.While in January 2018 this money was decreased to a dead level.

Purpose behind these attacks was to weak Pakistan economically and to enforce Pakistan that it will beg Dollars from USA.America wants that Pakistan took Afghan Taliban on table talk.So that American troops may go back to their country safely.Otherwise like Veitnam, USA will have to lick dust.Pakistan has announced many times that it has no control over Afghan Taliban.They are autonomous body and are free in their decisions.

Trump management also wants that in economic war between America and China,Pakistan should announce its support for America.It is tragedy with Pakistan that it cannot publically announce her support for any of the country because it has its economic advantages with both of them.Economy of Pakistan is very weak and Imran government extremely needs billions of dollars.They can get dollars from international economic institutions but these institutions are under USA control.

Pakistan is forced to obey USA if it wnts to take debt from these institutions.China has started C-Pak programme in Pakistan .It is also giving debts to Pakistan.True problem is that China is not Supporting Pakistan completely.This is the reason Pakistan cannot disconnect with America.

Another economic reason is that most of luggage of Pakistan goes to American markets.If Pakistan publically disconnects with America, it has to loose a big market.Need of the time is that Pakistan should decrease her dependence on American markets.Then Pakistan will be able to talk wit USA on its own conditions.At the moment position of Pakistan on table talk is very weak.Furthermore, due to change in geographical politics Pakistan is now not so important for America.American politicians and army officers considers China as their big enemy.So they are supporting India.So that India may stand in front of China.As a result Americans are nourishing India.

Indian management does not want to come publically in front of China because China can harm her strictly.So, Moodi management does not want to say yes to USA in every policy.For example, India wants to buy S-400 modern missiles from Russia.If this agreement takes place American bondages can be applied on India.American Congress accepted a bill(CAATSA) in August 2017.According to this bill. Those countries who will do business with Russian companies, they will be punished economically by USA.

Furthermore, India is not ready to cut off her relations with Iran.India purchases a huge amount of oil from Iran.This amount of oil has been decreased since last few years but India is not in favour to completely disconnect with Iran.Whereas Trump management is stressing Moodi to disconnect with Iran.If India keeps connection with Iran, it will not be able to do business freely.

Indian government seems to bend towards Russia and Iran, this has created a great problem for USA.Although USA government is doing many civil and military agreements to cover India but relations are not like past.That is why, USA has realized that in Asia Pakistan is also an important country.Pakistan is also her partner and it is not fair to disturb her.When Imran Khan government came into existence,American Foreign Minister announced to go to Pakistan.Remember Foreign Minister is the biggest post after President in USA.American Foreign Minister congratulated Imran government.When Imran management made relationships with Iran and Turkey, USA Foreign Minister gave two Pakistan against statements.First he threatened Pakistan that USA will not allow IMF to give debt to Pakistan.Then USA stopped 300 million dollars of Coalition Support Fund.Thus threatens and advantages were given at the same time to newly born government of Pakistan.

Trump is also threatening Turkey economically.These economic threats were given to Turkey because Turkey refused to become the partner of America against Iran.The reason is that Turkey was USA partner in Syria against Bushar Ul Asad government but this war damaged Turkey.So,now, Turkey is not ready to fight with anyone for Americans.

Trump management imposed huge ratio of taxes on Turk luggage.Due to this currency of Turkey loose its value and local economy got damaged.Turk economy beared this attack because Rajb Tayyab Urdigan has strengthened Turk economy a lot.Trump is also attacking economically on Iran.USA,Europe and Iran together made an atomic agreement in July 2015.Reason behind this was that Iran must stop her atomic programme.In May 2018, Trump excluded itself from this agreement.The very next day, Persian currency loose its value.Somehow EU announced to make America super power.Weakness of dollar will also weak America. to maintain this agreement.So, Iran remained stabilized.

Reason behind these attacks on Iran and Turkey is to strengthen Israel.America and Israel have got success to make neutral Qatar and Syria on the violations of Israel.But Iran and Turkey raise their voices on and off on these violations.Both America and Israel want to weak Iran and Turkey.So that they may not be dangerous for them.

Russia,China and partner countries are thinking to compete these economic attacks by Trump.They are thinking that their business should be in their own currencies or other currencies i.e Chinese Yun or in Euro instead of dollar.Dollar has played a major role to make America super power.Weakness of dollar will also weak America.


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