Driving Ban For Women Ends In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arab made an historic reform and allowed her women to drive from sunday.A new era will start from this reform,hope so.Earlier the women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.To give permission of driving to women is the part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s reform drive to modernise the conservative society.This ban on female driving was a great injustice towards women.Now,approximately,thousands of women are ready to drive after lifting of ban.It is now seeming that future will be more better for women.Saudi people are considering this lifting a great historic momemt. “Those days of waiting long hours for a driver are over,” Hatoun bin Dakhil, a 21-year-old pharmacy student, told AFP. “We no longer need a man.” Earlier this month, the Kingdom began issuing its first driving licences to women in decades, with some swapping their foreign permits for Saudi ones after undergoing a practical test. Some three million women in Saudi Arabia could receive licences and actively begin driving by 2020.



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