2017 And Hollywood Women

Hollywood Women in 2017 used their voices to challenge the norm. They bravely showed their industry’s deep-seated history of sexual misconduct, spoke out about  the men who abused their power, and raised a gossip that’s turning Hollywood on its head.

Through it all, 2017 was also a triumphant year for female storytellers. From the  box office success of Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman to Greta Gerwig’s deeply intimate, and coming-of-age film, Lady Bird, this was the year women in Hollywood took control of their own narratives, telling powerful, evocative stories about the female experience.

And it wasn’t just on the big screen. Master of None writer-star Lena Waithe and The Handmaid’s Tale director Reed Morano both made history at this year’s Emmys. To that, we say: It’s about damn time.


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