Fifa is abbreviated from the french word(Federation Internationale de football Association).It is also called as International Federation of Association Football.Fifa is responsible for the organization of major tournaments of football i.e Men world cup and women world cup.

It was founded in 1904 in Paris.Its headquarter is in Zurich(Switzerland).211 countries are now its members.

Fifa is not responsible about the rules and regulations of football.It is the duty of the International Football Association Board.Fifa is responsible only for a number of tournaments and their promotion as well.


When the international tournaments became more popular, there arouse the need of an organization to manage all the system and tournaments of football.So this institute came into being.There occurs an annual ceremony of FIFA in which awards are given individually as well as team level.

Following are sponsors of fifa:


2:Qatar Airways


4:Coca Cola

5:Wanda Group



FIFA 1904

Fifa 1904 is a monthly magazine.It is published as a print edition as well as a free online publication.It has 68 pages.It contains detailed stories about football.It has special focus on FIFA projects, developments, activities, competitions etc.


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