Trumps way of politics

Trumps way of politics

Donald Trump is the 45th president of United States of America.He has an unpredictable personality.He is basically a business person and of course a successful business person.In all over his life he defeated all the challenges that came in his way.He has seen many ups   and and downs in his life.Over all he is a successful person.He gained all in his life what he wanted.These continuous successes made him an arrogant person.He does not care except himself.He wanted to be done what he wanted.But now the field is different,American                politics.America is the superpower of the world and has very strong institutes.when trump became the president of America he tried to run the state like a business.In his election compaign he made many unnatural promises to American people.After being the president he tried his best to accomplish his promises but here he failed badly.American institutes refused to surrender.Now we discuss Trumps way of politics and its consequenses.

Afghan War:

America is fighting in Afghanistan and is trying to win since 16 years.In election compaiagn Trump announced to end the Afghan war but he is still helpless in front of American Army     who wants to continue this war.As a result instead of ending this war Trump Government  is sending more army to Afghanistan.

Environmental Agreement of Paris:

All the world made an agreement to reduce pollution in world in Paris.This agreement was made when Obama was president of America.But Trump has announced to leave the agreement.This announcement is being disliked in all over the world.

On the whole we can say that Trumps way of politics is like a businessman but this                 is not a business.This is a state which has to be run like a state.Trump must understand this fact as soon as possible otherwise it will be too late.

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